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Will flat design ever go away?

As much as I may like it if it did, it does serve a significant purpose... mainly it's easy to see, easy to code, and works well with minimalism, and works really well on screen. However, take a look around those sites that showcase web. Notice, everything is looking the same. So the really question is how do we get out of this sameness? Is the evolution of the internet stuck. Or is flat design perfect for the internet?

What is going on with your site?

This site is my playground.

I've been a little disillusioned with the internet lately, I love it, I hate it. Things are changing constantly. And now with the overwhelming amount of CMS systems, I see certain trends that are troubling.

Flash, although very problematic, allowed designers to be very creative... but as time progressed, we learned how people used the internet, and we as users are continually being trained by the internet. These "rules" have dampened creativity in our need to be efficient, and "user freindly". Flash was killed and Content Management Systems have become king. But where is the creativity?

Currently, a lot of companies are using very dry, pre-formatted templates, and to make matters worse they are adding clip art. Why? Because they can, and it's cheaper. However, it is a really bad idea. In a sea of e-commerce, and online brochures, you still need two things. First, to have your branding stand out and second to have a comprehensive, well-developed site.

As a designer I am in a bit of a dilemma, even though technology, and the internet are advancing at a mind-numbing pace, much of the internet has become stale. How do I make you stand out?

There are so many questions, how much do people actually read on a site, how do people use sites, has the internet changed our (as end users) expectations and needs from companies? How has the internet changed our brains? How do people use the internet... and, conversly how does the internet use us? I hope to explore these questions, and add links to articles for anyone else who might share these questions as well.

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